Project List

There are two different layouts of project list page:

You can switch Project list page layout by choosing value of Template field in Page Attributes section while editing Portfolio page.

1. Portfolio grid filter button.

Use Filter tags multi select located in Theme Options → Portfolio tab to select which tags show in portfolio filter.

Use Filter caption length input to configure max length of filter button title.

2. Use Portfolio Page select to choose page which is used for portfolio list.

3. Set Featured Image field in portfolio item edit page  to set thumbnail image for project list.

Detailed project

There are two layouts of Project Details page:

To switch between Horizontal and Vertical layouts of Project Page edit Format setting while editing post. Format field can be found in the right side of post editor.

1. Project navigation widget. Use Theme Options →Portfolio Page select to choose Portfolio page.

2. Project Gallery is automatically generated from Media Attachments of current post. Note that image should be at least 501 pixels wide to be inserted into portfolio gallery.

3. Project description blocks. Use Project Fields to edit caption and content of these blocks.

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